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Are you looking for prostitute numbers? Prostitute numbers can be found in different manners.  However, that really should matter is the duration and the quality of the girl.

In some cases you will need to persuade a girl to give up her number. Below areProstitute Numbers varies ways to obtain prostitute numbers:

  • Facebook-  On Facebook, there are girls advertising sex for payment. However, I have found it difficult to get the hookers’ numbers.
  • Craigslist- Craigslist is awesome, in getting a photo and the prostitute phone number.
  • Peppr- Peppr  is a great app to locate prostitutes and their working numbers.
  • WhatsApp-  WhatsAPP is fantastic way of meeting hookers and getting that number.

There are several girls who advertise on Tinder and Craigslist, but don’t state they are hookers, until they show up.  Sometimes, they show up with thugs and hold you up for cash.

There are some scams, when you meet a girl on Tinder, and will Black Mail you for cash.  The girl may show you her vagina, and asks to see yours.  You send your photo, but then she ask for cash, if not she will send your photo to your friends or work. Yes, you can meet hot prostitutes under $90!

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