Prostitute Life

Prostitute Life

A prostitute life is not easy.  Unfortunately, movies such as pretty women and others glamorizes the prostitute life.  For some strange reason, some movies and TV shows illustrate the easy money Prostitute Lifepart.  However, they fail the real negative sides of prostitution.

For years we noticed how girls come in all shapes and sizes.  There are a few girls, that really know how to run their business like trade. However, there are prostitutes with mental health issues; while others are running away from themselves.

In the article, Spanish prostitutes win right to the dole, Graham Keeley Madrid Published March 10 2015, the, it discusses about prostitution equality:

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Prostitute Life

“Spanish prostitutes are to be awarded the same rights as other workers, entitling them to claim benefits if they are unemployed.

Judge Juan Augustín Maragall, sitting in Barcelona, ruled that prostitutes should be given a contract by their employers, who should also pay their social security contributions.”  Read More

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