Preacher and the Prostitute

Preacher and the Prostitute

A preacher and the prostitute.  Imagine going to Sunday Sermon for years.  You build a trust not only with the church, but with the Preacher.  Then you find out not only the preacher has been with an other woman, but with a prostitute.

A preacher and the prostitute is what happen in out perish.  We could not believe it.  In the article, ‘I Hired…Some Prostitutes’: Preacher’s Shocking Blog ‘Confession,Mar. 10, 2015, tells of a similar story about a preacher and the prostitute:

Preacher and the Prostitute

“At first glance, the beginning of a preacher’s recent blog post about enlisting sex workers is patently jarring: “Last weekend I hired out some prostitutes for the first time in my life – two young ladies for the whole night.”

While there’s seemingly no limit to the questions and concerns that emerge upon reading that line, the story isn’t at all what most readers would likely assume.”  Read More



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