Hired Two Prostitutes

Hired Two Prostitutes

Hired two prostitutes.  During 2004, I was going through a really difficult divorce. I was working and going to school and had a hard time keeping my may commitments and with my spouse.

I was a lone, living in Sand Diego, CA.   My heart broken and horny as hell!?  At the same time, getting a new women was hard.  However, a friend introduced me to a really hot looking prostitute and she had a twin.  Actually, it was her cousin, but they looked similar to each other.   In the article, Why I hired two prostitutes for the night, Simon Guillebaud it describes similar situation and hiring “two prostitutes:”

Hired Two Prostitutes

“Last weekend I hired some prostitutes for the first time in my life – two young ladies for the whole night.

Because I’m a preacher and didn’t want people to know what I was doing, I asked a trusted friend, Cossette, to hire these women and bring them to a hotel where I would join them. I also didn’t want an absurdly inflated price because of being white, so she could hopefully negotiate ahead of time a more reasonable fee. Neither of us really knew how these things worked, and we were both a little nervous. What on earth is the going rate? Would anyone spot us?

If I were exposed, caught with them, then my whole credibility and reputation would be destroyed in this country where I’ve invested 16 years…”

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