How to Get Extras (How to Get Laid by a Stripper) From a Stripper!

How to Get Extras (How to Get Laid by a Stripper) from a stripper, easily; while minimizing the chances of getting thorn out or arrested by cops?get laid by a stripper

So, what if you can get “extras” from really hot strippers; while reducing your chances of getting caught by the police!

There is absolutely no single worse fear rattling in your head, than getting arrested; while asking a hot stripper for extras. You don’t want a lap dance, you want to get laid! There is no sure fire method to avoid getting thrown out by a bouncer or arrested by the Cops.  However, most guys get thrown out, by making poor and false assumptions.  The mother of all f&$K ups are assumptions. There are easy steps to take, reduce your risk and have a great time!

How to Get Laid by a Stripper

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  2. How to Go About Having Sex with a Hot Stripper? CLICK HERE>

1-The Dark Side of Strip Clubs (Gentleman’s Club) Getting Extras at a Strip Club! How to Get laid by a Stripper

All strip clubs (including so called Gentleman’s Clubs) consist of a “NO SEX POLICY.” However, in many cases, the Gentleman’s Club rules are not always followed at the sight of $400 or $1000! Some strip club managers look the other way because they take as much as 20-30% from the stripper.

A few customers pay $2,000 to $10,000 for going to a private room and having sex with the Stripper, and the manager(s) take a cut.

The higher end the strip club (gentlemen’s club), more expensive it will be to get extras.  However, there are many intermediate and low end strip clubs with attractive girls.

All strippers have to pay “strip club house fees” or “house fees.” 

All strippers have to pay “strip club house fees” or “house fees.”  House fees paid by the stripper to the strip club range from $40-$200 per shift, depending on the venue. Some strip clubs charge the girl $10-$20 before the club opens and increases as the club gets busier.  The earlier the girl gets to the strip club the lower the fees; while, the later she gets there the higher the fee, typically.  In some cases, house fees are waived, if the girl gets there before the open and she is on time.

“All Strippers Have to Pay House Fees, Even the Hot Ones”

Most gentlemen’s clubs are busy on Friday and Saturday nights.  However, how to get laid by stripper, strippers pay club house fees Monday through Thursday most clubs are dead and poor earners for the strippers.  For some strippers, they have a hard time making money Monday through Thursday. However, a few strippers have good hustle, built loyal customers, and make money all week long.

Most strippers make their money based on how many days they work and hours they put in.  The strippers that make money, really treat it as a business, and they self monitor time vs. money.

In some cases, some strippers can make most of their money from a few high paying clients. The most successful girls, work on their hustle.  Strippers have to constantly ask and tell the client the stripper services they can provide; while being professional at things.  The tease the client; while being firm how mush and what to provide.

Not only do Strippers “Pay Club House Fees”, But Strippers Pay “Tip Outs!”

Stripper “Tip Outs:”  It’s expected for all strippers to pay strip club Tip Outs. Not always required, but the better strip clubs require tip outs paid by the strippers. 10%-25% tip outs are based on the strippers earnings and split into how to get laid by stripper, strippers pay club house feesthe following manner:

  • The manager is to handle the strippers’ needs.  Some places have a $20 minimum to the manager.
  • The bouncer is to keep the strippers safe. Some strip clubs require a $10 minimum.
  • The DJ is to make sure the music and lighting is correct for the stripper.
  • Bartenders and waitresses sometimes get tipped, if they bring food or drinks to the stripper.
  • In few cases there may be a house mom and she may get a tip.

Strippers Can Rack Up Tips and Still Not Make Money

A stripper can rack up tips from clients, but never make money!  On dead nights (Sunday through Thursdays), even hot strippers can leave without cash!  Some days, strippers leave with zero dollars!

Most strippers start a night with the following startup cost at the begging of the night:

  • $70 average House Feeshow to get laid by stripper, strippers pay club house fees
  • $20 minimum Manager tip out
  • $10 minimum DJ tip out
  • $10 other tip outs
  • Plus costumes, makeup, gas, etc.

An average stripper in an average strip club will start with a deficit of $110 dollars.  If the night is dead she may not make any money!

Some strippers can make Zero to $1,000 a night, even if she is hot!!!  The best times to approach strippers are on dead nights…

The Best Times to Approach Strippers are on Dead Nights…

2.How to Go About Having Sex with a Hot Stripper? Get Laid by a Stripper

It all starts at the Lap Dance!

The newer and the younger the stripper, the harder time it is for her to how to get laid by stripper, strippers pay club house feesapproach men.  She has not had a chance to develop her hustle. Younger strippers (18-23 years of age) are called “baby strippers.”   All strippers are hungry for the money, and after your cash!

More experienced strippers will approach you and ask you, “Hey, do you mind if I sit with you,”  “do you want to buy me a drink, or “do you want to tip me?” My favorite is “Sir, are you looking for a lap dance?” Experienced strippers have good hustles, and will try to strain your money.

It All Starts with a Lap Dance: Get Laid by a Stripper

Again, it all starts at the Lap Dance!

The first step in getting a stripper in bed, is to start with a simple lap dance. how to get laid by stripper, strippers pay club house feesTowards the end of the lap dance, you will ask into her ear, for extras available?

Politely, you ask her what is available? You want to know how much, what is included, and how long?  Please Note: you may be turned down, be gracious, as the girl may NOT be a hooker, or they think you are an undercover cop!

Find a girl you like, and take two –three lap dances. Once she feels comfortable with you ask her about extras? And Just Listen!  She may offer a private room to touch her, hand job or in a few cases intercourse.  However, keep in mind, this will cost you more money. It is highly suggested to start low at $20 lap dances.  Forget the $40-$60 lap dances.

During a Lap Dance ask a Stripper for Extras. Asking a Stripper for Extras? Get Laid by a Stripper

During the second or third lap dance ask for extras.  At this point, it’s less likely she is an undercover cop. Or that you are an undercover cop for that matter.  You want to whisper into her ear about available extras. Let her speak and you listen.

How To Get a Stripper’s Number While in the club. Asking a Stripper for Extras? Get Laid by a Stripper

Getting laid at the strip club is expensive for most men, and legally dangerous. It’s better to arrange a price during the lap dance and what you get in exchange. In most cases, some strippers, in average strip clubs, will meet you for $150-$250 for an hour or intercourse.   As she is finishing the lap dance, ask her to put in her phone number into your smart phone, or your number on a piece paper.

In Orange County, California, I have seen friends pull this off.  Instead of talking over the phone they will meet her at coffee house, work out all the details, and go to their apartment or go to a motel.

Chart Statisicts on Prostitution Arrests- San Antonio Police Depart - Uniform Crime Report 2

A Friend Got Laid by a Stripper!

WARNING: This method can be more expensive then some brothels! In Irvine California, I once saw a really attractive girl, leaving my friend’s apartment. She must have been 21 years old, a perfect “TEN,” and with how to get laid by stripper, strippers pay club house feesflawless skin. She looked better than most actresses! I asked him about her.  He told me, he met her at a strip club, hired her for a few lap dances; and then, discretely got her number. Afterwards, they spoke at a gas station, she came to his apartment on her off time,  paid her $150 for full service, and she stayed for two full hour!

My friend goes to strip club on a slow night.  When he sees a stripper that the likes, he gets a lap dance or two.   He starts a conversation with her and tells her, that he is just an office worker. And states, he wants to get extras outside the strip club, on her time off.  Many times, he gets rejected. However, on some nights, the stripper is not making money, and is interested on the opportunity.

He tells her, he does not make that much money and that, “she is really gorgeous but desires extras.”  Then, he reminds her about her “bad nights.”  She is going to make more money with you. He puts out $100, and they she gets mad, and will negotiate between $150-$200 for an hour of full service.

Meet her in a safe place for her and for you, and work out payment, and what is included. You want her to feel safe, and that you are not a cop, or vice of versa.

How I learned that Strippers Offer Extras? Get Laid by a Stripper

I went to strip clubs for years, before I knew I could even get laid. Sounds silly to hear that now but it’s true. I assumed that a few (mega rich, celebrities, etc) might get sex but that average customers like me could not get laid, and it was just frustrating. My ignorance may have been partially to blame, because I tended to go to high end clubs rather than bar dives. Also at the time, I was married and didn’t want to screw another woman.

Then at my favorite Miami stripper club, during a lap dance the dancer said to me “if you wear a condom and pay $300 you can fuck me in the VIP.” I was shocked, much too scared to say yes, and wondered if it was just a scam. Afterwards, I often regretted not saying yes. Again, I fantasized about fucking her often.

How I Learned More About How to Get Laid by a Stripper!

Then I joined tuscl and other forums. I read the discussions. I quickly understood that it was a real offer. The Miami offer was a serious one. It was how to get laid by stripper, strippers pay club house feespossible to get laid by a hot stripper.

I went back to the same Miami club. I met a cute young thing and told her that I wanted a blow job. The stripper said she didn’t do that. At which point, she called me back and asked how much I would pay. It was amazing, I knew then that you guys at the forum were telling the truth.

That’s where I popped my ITC extras cherry. ITC or OT mean sex with a prostitute.

Women at Miami strip clubs tend to be the most expensive.  The hottest strippers work on Friday and Saturdays nights. Strip club girls are really hot looking with almost perfect makeup.  Prostitution at Miami strip clubs range from $80 to $300 for 45 minutes on a Friday and Saturday night. 

However, prostitution costs less on Monday thru Thursday.  Miami strip clubs charge a stripper from $40 to $150 per shift, for a single shift.  Furthermore, strippers pay for their sexy outfits and makeup; while trying to break-even.  Miami strippers experience difficulty to break even on Mondays thru Thursdays nights.

Getting  Laid at Different Strip Clubs: Get Laid by a Stripper

If you start at high end strip clubs, you are expected to pay $20 entrance fee plus $60 a lap dance.  Forget high end strip clubs and go to medium and lower end strip clubs Sunday through Thursday and better after 1PM.  Find a place that has no entrance fee with $20 lap dances.  If you can avoid lap dances and just talk to them better.  At the end, she is only going to charge you $100-$200, so just keep that in mind. You are unlikely to get laid by a stripper for less than $50.


Good Luck!



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