A Hot Cheap Red Light Area, Just For You!- Meet Cute Prostitutes under $60!

  • Amsterdam – Cheap Red Light Area
  • Soi Cowboy. Bangkok, Thailand​ –Red Light DistrictHot Cheap Red Light Area
  • Reeperbahn. Hamburg, Germany-​ Cheap Red Light Area
  • Kabukichō Tokyo, Japan- Red Light Area.
  • Rue Saint-Denis. Paris, France–Cheap Red Light District
  • Geylang. Singapore City, Singapore–Red Light District
  • Walking Street Pattaya, Thailand-Cheap  Red Light Area
  • Soi Cowboy. Bangkok, Thailand–Red Light District
  • Sonagachi – Cheap Red Light Area
  • Zona Norte. Tijuana, Mexico- Red Light District

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red light area, red light district, Prostitutes under $60!Amsterdam (DeWallen) – Cheap Red Light Area

Amsterdam -This red light area (known locally as De Wallen), is known world-wide.   This red light area consists of many shops, bars, marihuana bars, dance clubs, and museums.  There are places like Casa Rosso and Bananebar, that offer live sex shows!


Most of the prostitutes, who work in the window brothels, start at €50 for the basic service for 15 minutes. Prices are negotiable. However, most of us will need to pay €100 for full service for 30 minutes. If you’re on a budget, a hand job might be less expensive.red light area, red light district, Prostitutes under $60!

In Amsterdam, you just approach the prostitute,  you are interested. Sometimes, a prostitute will try to get your attention, by ticking on the glass and get your attention. Yes you can meet hot prostitutes under $60!

Within the Netherlands, a prostitute is considered self-employed.  Each sex worker  determines their own rate schedules.  Many prostitutes have special abilities such as Bondage, S&M, electro sex, and so much more.  These special skills allows the prostitute to charge more.

Amsterdam (DeWallen) – Red Light Area Prices: The starting cost for most prostitutes €50 for 15 minutes. As soon as you enter the room, your time starts!

Soi Cowboy- Thailand– Cheap Red Light Area

Soi Cowboy red light area is a short narrow street with some 35 go-go bars.   Most of the go-go bars are open bars. There is a lot of police walking up and down the Soi Cowboy Street.


The best time to go to the Soi Cowboy is in the low season (rainy season) and Monday thru Thursday.  The rainy season is May to October.

The high season, is the most popular,  and most expensive months to visit Happy Thailand. Humidity is at its lowest. In Thailand, January is the peak month of the year, and hotels charge more than double the rates,  they do in February and March. The other downside, during the highSoi Cowboy,Thailand, hot cheap red light area, red light district, red light, Prostitutes under $60 season,  are the crowded streets and  nightlife.

This red light area consists of well known bars:

  • Spice Girls Agogo
  • Suzie Wong
  • Cowboy 2 Gogo
  • Baccara Gog bar
  • Jungle Jim’s
  • Dollhouse
  • Rio Club A Gogo Sahara
  • Crazy House.

The Cray House has nude dancing and very attractive girls.  Suzie Wong’s is known for its night show, just a fun place.  Sahara is one of the most expensive bars, but great atmosphere.

Soi Cowboy- Thailand– Red Light Area Prices: When you leave the go-go bar with one of its workers, you have to pay the “bar fine,” normally around $15. After which, you negotiate a rate directly with the prostitute. Most rates start around $45 per hour,  but it can extend over $100.  Yes, you can get girls for less, mostly street prostitutes.

Reeperbahn- Cheap Red Light Area

The Reeperbahn red light area is a street and entertainment district in Hamburg’s St. Pauli area.  Reeperbahn consists of night life in Hamburg with a red-light area.  The word Reeperbahn means ropewalk, which is a place where ropes were once constructed. In the early 1700s, heavy hempen ropes were produced for sailing ships in the Hamburg harbor.


Today, the Reeperbahn  red light district is known for the many awesome bars, eateries, theatres and clubs; coupled, with live sex shops, sex museums, erotic shows, brothels, men’s only street,  and strip clubs. Some consider the Reeperbahn Red Light district comparable with the French Quarter version in New Orleans. Also, it consists of bars, restaurants, drunken people, fun places and heavy smoke.   The area consists of two basic clienteles, the men and gals party night scene and the single men going to strip clubs and brothels.  We are going to only focus on the Reeperbahn- Red Light Area Brothels.

Reeperbahn- Cheap Red Light Area Prostitution

In Reeperbahn , street prostitution is tolerated/legal during certain times of the day on Davidstraße. The Herbertstraße, a short side street off the Davidstraße, has sex workers behind fancy store windows.

As we have seen, some parts of the Reeperbahn is getting better; while other parts are going the opposite direction.

For some, it consists of a ramshackle street full of sex shops and dirty rough bars.  Public urination is also a common sight, as well as fights between men.   There are drug dealers.  We have seen hoards of Muslim Men / Refugees.  They prowl the street staring at anyone who passes by them.

At one point in the past, Reeperbahn was a clean and attractive red light district. But Reeperbahn, Amsterdam, DeWallen, hot cheap red light area, red light district, red light, Prostitutes under $60Today, the Reeperbahn red light area has gotten dirtier.  Some of the bars were really dirty.

However, despite the negatives, we never felt once threatened in the Reeperbahn red light area.  Actually, nobody forces anything on you.  If you don’t seek trouble, you won’t get any.  We recommend, to just keep your wits about you.

For us, Germans are really friendly people.  They are welcoming people.

We have found that Reeperbahn a great for your mates stag.  You can have a great boys night out on the town.

When visiting Germany, we always enjoy our time in the Reeperbahn.  Sure the area is a bit dirty.  It consists of lots of homeless people.  It’s good for drinks and adult entertainment, but it does not match Amsterdam.

Always ask about prices, as there is a lot of bait and switching for prostitute services.  There are people trying to scam the tourist.

Brothels in Reeperbahn- Cheap Red Light Area

There are many Brothels in the Reeperbahn.  The Reeerbahn known for the staircase brothels. The so-called staircase brothels are basically a stairwell of flats without front doors. On the various floors are a number of girls which offers you to go inside to a room or her own apartment.

Full Service- Brothels  in Reeperbahn  Cheap Red Light Area

  • Pink Palace- Is a full service brothel, and they claim sex starting at €30 Euros. The Pink Palace claims to have 60 plus girls on five floors at any one time.   They are opened 24 hours and 365 days per year.   The Pink Palace is modern and very clean!  One of the most cleanest brothels we have visited!
  • Club 77 in Reeperbahn- has good looking girls for great parties.
  • Reeperbahn Prices: Most strip clubs charge a high €30 cover.  The strip clubs that have no cover will  charge you €15-20 for drinks! The basic prostitute charges a basic €50 for 15 minutes.  You have to ask for details! For €100 you will get full service for 45 minutes.

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red light area

Kabukichō Tokyo, Japan… Cheap Red Light Area

Kabukichō Red Light Area is an entertainment centre and red-light district in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. Kabukichō houses many hostess clubs, love hotels, shops, restaurants, and nightclubs.  In Japan the Kabukichō Red Light Area called the “Sleepless Town.” Best ProKabukichō, Kabukicho, Tokyo, Japan, hot cheap red light area, red light district, red light, Prostitutes under $60 Kabukichō  world-famous red-light area consisting over three thousand bars, love hotels, massage parlours, hostess clubs and more!  Although referred as a “red light district”, there are no red lights like in Amsterdam.

Prices for prostitutes at host clubs go from $30-$140, depending on the quality of the girl and place. Watch out for the “street grabbers,” who will take you to a hostess club and “unlimted drinking.” Then    they will take you to hostess clubs and over charge you for drinks.  They may drug you and over charge your credit card.   These hostess clubs are owned by the Yakuza.


Most Japanese hostess clubs do not allow foreigners.  They have signs “Japanese Only.” Most Japanase sex places with limited signage and surrounded by love hotels.  However, as a foreigner and speak Japanese, you will be served.  The receptionist will pull out a notebook/tablet with photos of available girls. You will have to pay a fee to them, a fee to the girl, and fee to the love hotel.

Kabukicho is not like Amsterdam.  Kabukicho is all behind curtains, and in small shops. However, some shops are not so subtle, with sexualized signage. There are many sex shops, girls bars, hostess/host clubs.  In  Kabukicho,  there are bars specifically for groping.

Rue Saint-Denis, Paris, France, Cheap Red Light Area


Rue Saint-Denis has been known as a red light area for decades.  There are no known brothels to mention.  However, at any hour of the day, you will find street prostitution.  There are many Rue Saint-Denis, Paris Red Light Area, hot cheap red light area, red light district, red light, Prostitutes under $60prostitutes on the street and in alleys.  There are no bars with prostitutes like in Amsterdam, Tijuana or Walking Street.

The streetwalkers are where the action is at Rue Saint. A street prostitute will  cost between €30-€70. If you’d like to do something “extra” like actually touch her, that’ll cost extra.


Geylang Singapore City, Singapore Cheap Red Light area

Geylang has awesome restaurants, hotels, night life, sex shops, and prostitution.  This red light area is famous and has legal prostitution.  We will only focus on the prostitution.


Most (registered and unregistered) brothels in Geylang consists of even numbered (6,8,16, etc.) Lor (streets).   All sex workers screened on a regular basis for STDs. The houses in Geylang operating as brothels easily identifiable because their house Geylang, Singapore City, Singapore ,hot cheap red light area, red light district, red light, Prostitutes under $60numbers are large and bright red.   Most brothels in Geylang appear like small hotels and look clean.

You are looking at $60 for 30minutes.   There are street prostitutes in Geylang.  Asian prostitutes mostly from other countries like Thailand, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesia, China and Malaysia.  Brothels in Geylang identified by their large red street numbers, and operate from 12PM to 5 am.

Geylang Brothel Tips

However, prices and quality of prostitutes in Singapore vary wildly. While, a traveler might easily acquires an  attractive young Hong Kong girl for less than $50 a night, a newcomer faces  overcharges or scammed. As a newcomer, every time you see a brothel you don’t know, it’s probably a tourist trap. Knowledge is Power, and nowhere is this more true than in Geylang.  As a tip: I would watch (case) a brothel from the outside, and monitor the place for pedestrian traffic.

Some Singapore brothels actually do offer quality women for decent prices; however, there are unscrupulous brothels thriving in Singapore. In these days, Geylang has as many dangers as well as delights. It should be said, Singapore red light areas are no longer places for cheap sex. Also, real dangers to you are on the rise.  Please watch your selves, day or night.

Geylang  prices: The prostitutes categories are into $40-$60, $80-$90, and $150 varieties. Sure the extreme upper end can run $150, but it does not mean your get quality.  However, $50 is the normal, and if patient, you can find quality.

Walking Street Pattaya, Thailand- Cheap Red Light area

Thailand has many red light areas and the Walking Street Pattaya is one of them. Walking Street a red-light district in the city of Pattaya, Thailand.  There are many fantastic go-go bars. A go-go bar in Thailand is a bar with girls often providing prostitution.

The Walking Street is a tourist attraction that draws foreigners and Thai nationals, primarily for its go-go bars.  Walking Street area consists of food places, music places, beer bars, dance clubs, go-go bars, nightclubs and different types of hotels.Geylang Singapore City, Singapore, hot cheap red light area, red light district, red light, Prostitutes under $60

Walking Street extends from Beach Road to the Bali Hai Pier. The street is consists of large neon signage. A large video sign erected at the Beach Road entrance and numerous bars, restaurants.  There are attractions on Walking Street advertise using bright, large neon signs.

The go-go bars in the Walking Street include; Angel Witch, Club Atlantis, Dollhouse, red, Lollip, Salambo, Kokomos, Apple, Badboy, SeaStar, The Arcaida Club, High Society.

On the  Walking Street, there are many freelancers.  With prostitute freelancers in Walking Street Pattaya, the prices and quality varies greatly.  With freelancers you have to be careful of the lady boys.


Patpong, Bangkok, Thailand, Cheap Red Light Area

Patpong is an entertainment district in Bangkok, Thailand, catering mainly, to foreign tourists and expatriates. While Patpong internationally known as a red light district. In fact, only Patpong is one of numerous red-light districts.


Besides many street vendors and gay bars, there are go-go bars.  Patpong is Bangkok’s oldest red light districts. About a dozen go-go bars located on two parallel streets surrounded by Patpong night-market.

Patpong has many shows featuring women doing stunts in the nude. Go-go bars feature women dancing on a stage. The dancers are generally available to customers willing to pay a bar fee (bar fine) to take them out of the bar.Geylang Singapore City, Singapore,hot cheap red light area, red light district, red light, Prostitutes under $60

Several upstairs bars still feature (mostly technically illegal) sex shows, with women performing various interesting and creative acts. One popular show is the Ping Pong show.  In the Ping Pong show, they  feature women performing feats involving their vagina.

Careful, some of these second-floor bars are run by scam artists who lure tourists with offers of low prices.  Then later presents an inflated bill along with a physical threat . The Tourist Police, can help in these situations, if available.

Patpong is mostly dead in comparison to Soi Cowboy or Walking Street. Soi Cowboy is more lively than Patpong and better selection of girls!

Sonagachi- India Cheap Red Light Area

Sonagachi- the largest red light area in India.  There are several  NGOs operating in this area in the prevention of STDs and insist in the use of condoms.  Depending on who you believe, 5-15% have a sexually transmitted disease.

Honestly Sonagachi is poor and tough area.  We have found it to be a sad area.  It lacks the fun aspect that other areas have.

Tijuana, Mexico- Zona Norte Cheap Red Light Area

In the Zona Norte (the North Zone) in Tijuana, Mexico exists one of the best red light district.  The red light area has many brothels/bars and street hookers.
There are many brothel bars in Tijuana; however, there are only two worth mentioning:

-Hong Kong Tijuana-Prices at the Hong Kong prostitutes start at $60 for full service (30 minutes) plus a room.Tijuana, Mexico- Zona Norte , hot cheap red light area, red light district, red light, Prostitutes under $60

-Adelita bar Tijuana- Prices at the Adelita Bar prostitutes start at $40 for full service (30 minutes) plus a room. We have met a few cute prostitutes under $60!

The rest of the brothel bars may have a great looking girl occasionally, but it’s never consistent.   The Hong Kong and Adelita bar are the best in this red light area.

Most of the brothel bars are on La Coahuila.  In the Callejon (back street alley) there are many street prostitutes for $20 (15 minutes) plus a room.  You may find a prostitutes for $10-15 on a side street, but you get what you pay for!

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