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The Brothels of vary in quality, prices, and safety.  While,  brothels can be legal or illegal,  many guys search for the street whore.  However, there are some advantages to a brothel than independent prostitutes. Many times Brothels have a variety of girls. You can compare the girls based on looks and prices.

Sometimes the brothels are full of girls or have a small selection.  While on some nights, a brothel can turn into a boring night.  Stay away from brothels on busy nights.  On most busy nights, prostitutes rush the guys, because they want to make more money.

In general, we have found that most brothels are safer than street prostitution. At first glance, the street prostitute can be a good person or a drug attic who can rob you.

In most whore houses, you can take your time and have a drink. You can shop before you buy at a brothel.
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The Brothel

The Brothel

In California, all brothels are illegal and operated by questionable characters.  Sure, you finding illegal brothels in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties can be easily found.  However, the brothels are operated by Mexican Gangsters.  Message parlors in the US have a lot of Asian girls and South American girls. Be careful.  Most massage parlors are raided by local police.

Some of the best bordellos are in Thailand and Mexico.  In Thailand has many bars that operate as brothels. In Europe the brothel varies extensively.

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List of Brothels

List of Brothels

Brothels come in all shapes and sizes.  Depending on the area whore houses can be illegal or legal.  However, just because prostitution may be legal in some areas, it does not mean the cat house in the area are safe.

Brothels in Nevada

Brothels in Nevada states, “there are 24 legal brothels in the state of Nevada.” While, within the United States, Nevada is currently the only states that allows prostitution in certain jurisdictions.

There are legal bordellos in certain jurisdictions in Nevada, but prostitution is illegal outside those brothels.  While, the legal cat houses are heavily regulated.

Las Vegas is located in Clark County, and Clark county does not allow any type of prostitution.

List of Brothels near Las Vegas

Sheri’s Ranch– 10551 Homestead Rd
Pahrump, NV 89061, Phone number (866) 820-9100
Chicken Ranch Brothel– 10511 Homestead Rd
Pahrump, NV 89041, Phone number (877) 585-2397
Love Ranch Cathouse– 300 Appaloosa Ln
Pahrump, NV 89048 Phone number, (775) 372-5251
Area 51 Alien Travel Center– 2771 E US Hwy 95
Amargosa Valley, NV 89020, Phone number (775) 372-1500
Mountain Springs Saloon– 9350 Williams Ranch Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89161, Phone number (702) 875-42661

Prostitution in Germany

Prostitution in Germany

Prostitition is legal through Germany. Germany has to be one of the most liberal countries in terms of prostitution. While, taxes are charged to brothels, streetwalkers, and advertisements.

However, the new brothel in Germany, is the all you” F&(k Brothels.”  They are very popular, but we have found the best looking girls are not in these types of cat houses.

In Germany the smaller brothels have the most attractive girls, because they can charge more for their services.

List of Brothels in German

List of Brothels in German

Artemis (FKK)-  Artemis (FKK) one of the larger cat houses in Germany, while providing sauna services.

Halenseestraße 32-36, 10711 Berlin, Germany, +49 30 8904440

Pascha– The Pascha a 12 story structure, with over 120 prostitutes.

Hornstraße 2, 50823 Köln, Germany +49 221 17906100

FKK WorldFKK World a whore house set in the country-side in Germany.

Grüninger Weg, 35415 Pohlheim, Germany. +49 6404 659388

Bernds Sauna Club“Mother of all clubs”

Schieferhof 28, 53773 Hennef (Sieg), Germany +49 2248 1529

FKK Oase–  FKK Oase an other  cat house set in the country-side in Germany.

Ober-Erlenbacher-Straße 109, 61381 Friedrichsdorf, Alemania

The Relax Nightclub– The Relax Nightclub a brothel with a costume theme.

Adenauerallee 30, 20097 Hamburg, Germany +49 40 2803790


List of Bordellos in Australia

List of Bordellos in Australia

Tifanny’s- Tiffany’s A high end Brothel with really good looking prostitutes.

99 Albion St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia +61 2 9212 1195

The SiteThe Site bordello has a mixure of prostitutes.

8 Wentworth, Granville, New South Wales, Australia  +61 2 9897 7788



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